Original Photographs

S/L William Mullen W Mullen on duty
George (Buzz) Beurling. W Mullen was Beurling's instructor in England. Calgary Herald - Sept 1943
W Mullen having a break Norwegian intelligence assistant
Dallachy Ops Room recce photographs Dallachy Ops Room staff
Dallachy Ops Room A friend of W Mullen from 144 Squadron
Getting ready Climbing into the cockpit, and looks like the windscreen is getting a clean.
Beaufighter at Dallachy Spitfire at Dallachy


Russell Boyd said...

Thanks for sharing your father's photograph collection, Gerry. These personal mementos help us all to remember.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these photos - my father was with 489 from SEpt 43 to FEb 45 - including a stint a Dallachy. I am in touch with severl 489 personnel and their families across the globe who will be iterested in your blog. You may wish to check out www.burrowes.org for more info re 489 Suadron

Russell Boyd said...

Glad you appreciate them. I had a look at your site as well - that's quite a collection with some interesting photos and news clippings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks also for posting these. I have a good friend here in Australia who I saw only yesterday who was a Beau pilot with 455 Sq. I shall definitely point him in the direction of these excellent shots and your great video next time I see him.

Anonymous said...

Gerald Mullen 1936-2012

Barbara Mullen said...

Dear Russell,

So glad this blog is still available about Gerry's father. I appreciate it as do my sons, William & Peter.

My best to you & your wonderful photography.

Barbara Mullen